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I can't seem to find the pinned comment in discord for the special names. Can anyone help me?

Just go to #gladihoppers and write "secret names". :)

thank you for making this great game!

Thank you for playing it! :)

Hello, when are you updating the pc version of the game, its awesome i already have done both of the endings

I like your games <3

Please add Russian Язык :)

just wonering what game engine did you use to make this? 

Hey, I used Unity! :)

This game is so fun...only issue i had was beating the campaign 3 times to try different weapons on arcade mode. Stealing equipment is OP but maybe that makes it more fun.

Thanks! Haha, yeah I agree the Career mode gets easy after a certain point, but a lot of people think it's too difficult so I'm not sure what to do about it. xD

interesting. I was wondering about that looking at your update notes. Oh well lol. Btw I thuroughly enjoy your vlogs.

Been playing this allot on Android. What's up with the spear though? Seems like complete trash? I stole it from someone then got wrecked by the next guy with a decent weapon.

Yeah, it's not supposed to be in the Career mode yet, but due to a bug it is. I will update the game soon and fix.

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