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Hop into the sandals of a gladiator and fight for glory in epic arena battles! Now with cross-platform realtime online multiplayer 1vs1 battles!

Supported inputs: XBOX controllers (strongly recommended), keyboard.


  • Online multiplayer vs random opponent or a friend
  • Fast-paced melee and ranged combat with hitboxes for each body part
  • Career mode featuring various tactics and ways for you to bring your gladiator to glory
  • 'Spartacus' War' strategy mode with factions, armies and towns to conquer
  • 'Save the Emperor' Arcade game mode for a virtually endless fighting experience
  • Quick Fight mode for custom and/or randomized short and fast-paced arena duels, including local multiplayer
  • Over 90 pieces of equipment and 16 different character faces from four populations during the era of the ancient Roman Empire: Romans, Gauls, Nubians and Egyptians
  • Seven arenas with their own unique look and feel: The Colosseum, Aegyptus, Macedonia, Gallia, Hispania, The Ludus & The Palace


Best place to follow along with the development is on my personal YouTube gamedev channel, but feel free to check out the below links as well.

Discord: https://discord.gg/dreamon
Website: https://dreamonstudios.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DreamonStudios
YouTube: https://youtube.com/DreamonGameStudios
Facebook: https://facebook.com/DreamonStudios



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Gladihoppers_Win_v_3_0_0.zip 32 MB
Gladihoppers_Mac_v_3_0_0.zip 42 MB

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I came back after 3 years, it lost the 2nd player's keyboard control. I wanted to show this to my little sister, and play it with her. But, I guess no more. ;(

Wait you play with your young sister?i play with my sister to!

I played this like 2 years ago with a friend, got nostalgia :D

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wait i remember playing this game on my phone is this a mobile game

It is maded by same dude

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cool i like ur vedeos

Very cool i am like at the half of the game and is really funny

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yesterday at Friday 9th

i FINALLY managed to beat Gladihoppers 

my character was Max, a gaul with red long hair and woad paint on his chest and arms 

he had

a Greek Helmet

Black Leather Armor

Leather Wrist Wraps


Bronze Shin Guards (that were passed from one Max to another Max) 

Heavy War Hammer

Egyptian Shield

Maximum 18 strength

and 10 Endurance

and around 413 max Health

and Max was a Maceman 

i used the spy when i face Bots with sats higher than me 

(there should be a tutorial on how to block attacks because it really boggled my mind)

i have accepted and chosen the Emperor's offer

a farm in somewhere in the provnices 

Max lived in peace 

as a statue has been erected in the Ludus 

to remember everyone of his Red hair 

Gallic pecs with woad paint, and his body odor and foul language

it would be really awesome if that first person medieval game was a medieval version of Gladihoppers
(hope there's no anachronistic weapons and armors)

and i bet it would take place in the very early medieval ages

like the end of the Western Roman Empire

the age of the Franks and Normans, Lombards and Alamanni, Anglo-Saxons and Welsh, Picts and Gaels, Vikings and Slavs (danes and nords, the swedes went east to Kievan Rus), Sassanids and Byzantine Romans

the high middle ages could also be interesting

with armors and weapons like

the pole hammer and brigandine (studded leather armor but without leather) 

loved Gladihoppers, felt the rage of the "cheating" AI (they always seemed to trash me no matter how good i am or what gear i use) , but became satisfied when i finally beaten it.

Now, time for second ending (by not accepting emperors offer)

I suggest using class with two handed weapon.

Good luck

alright thanks

I need the version for 32 bits [Please!]

vow game


it’s fucking awesome game. Have played on my iPhone for days. Great! 

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I have been playing this game for at least 3 hours, 7 hours at most. The Spearman and Paladin class are way OP and I love it This game is great.

Edit bout 6 hours maybe.


Amazing game, but I wish there was local multiplayer.

I love this game. I played it a while ago and it has evolved substantially. I love the multiplayer option and how there are servers for many different places.

Man, that multiplayer is really interesting. From best game you made the ultimate game.

help i have a 60% keyboard without the arrow keys WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!?

Nice game, thanks !

I played the campaign, and i'm looking forward to test it with a friend :)


Aw no Linux :(


um will you be updating the game any time soon?

They updated it recently

Show post...

GREAT 2020

Love the game: UA stream

Watch Highlight: Вечірні ігри [UA / Українською] from entond on www.twitch.tv


Necesito ayuda cuando abro el juego y luego dice que tu resolución de pantalla falló. Por favor, intente una más baja y en el menú no me da ninguna otra resolución que la de mi pantalla y cambie esa de 1400x900 a 800x600 y siga el mismo problema alguna solución
PD Juego el juego desde antes de que pusieran las jabalinas, dejé de jugar por un tiempo y cuando veo un boom en la tienda de juegos, esto me emociona y lo jugué y me encanta, pero no puedo jugarlo en mi PC debido al problema. mencionado anteriormente ayuda !!

mine won't download on Mac even with the enable

Good morning dreamon studios! can you tell please how defend emperor in arcade mode? Therese an achievement on android but its impossible, enemies are too strong, with my full character with top equipment and 126 attack and 222 def im getting only 19 wave, is it real? can you try please and fix it if its wrong, than you for your attention!

After the 17 wave enemies just rush you, they dont block your attacks or smth, they just attaking and pushing you, and each their hit gets 70-100 damage :((

If you are in the same stance as the attack from the enemy then you take less damage. If you hit their weapon whilst they are attacking then you block their attack.

Happy to be of help.

Your character is made a bit weaker in arcade mode so try and use one of the other characters by clicking on the characters picture.

Happy to be of help.

Wow! This game looks lovely! I like it so much!

May you add a new secret name? "God" and you'll know what it would do.

I can't seem to find the pinned comment in discord for the special names. Can anyone help me?

Just go to #gladihoppers and write "secret names". :)

thank you for making this great game!

Thank you for playing it! :)

Hello, when are you updating the pc version of the game, its awesome i already have done both of the endings

I like your games <3

Please add Russian Язык :)

just wonering what game engine did you use to make this? 

Hey, I used Unity! :)

This game is so fun...only issue i had was beating the campaign 3 times to try different weapons on arcade mode. Stealing equipment is OP but maybe that makes it more fun.


Thanks! Haha, yeah I agree the Career mode gets easy after a certain point, but a lot of people think it's too difficult so I'm not sure what to do about it. xD

interesting. I was wondering about that looking at your update notes. Oh well lol. Btw I thuroughly enjoy your vlogs.

Been playing this allot on Android. What's up with the spear though? Seems like complete trash? I stole it from someone then got wrecked by the next guy with a decent weapon.

Yeah, it's not supposed to be in the Career mode yet, but due to a bug it is. I will update the game soon and fix.

no update for pc? 

Coming today!


Can you tell me all the special names please

There's a pinned message in the Discord server!


One of the best games I've played on mobile. I've reach the Champion level just yesterday, and I must say I've hooked on this game for more than two weeks. Man, keep your work! Someday this game will be even more exciting and fun to play. And if I must say something that I think will be cool... well... I think some boss fights or something like that. But by the way, really nice game you got there.


Thank you so much, Pudim! And yeah, definitely bosses would improve the game. I'm working on more weapon types right now, but in the future I'll add bosses too! :)

Can you tell me all the special names please

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There's a pinned comment on our Discord! :)

where is your discord?


I can't find it, please help.


Pleaseeee help with the secret names!!....i found only two...kratos and caesar....please helppp

There are more in a pinned commeent on our Discord! :)


Hands down best game, Fuck the people who write mean comments in your google play store edition cause they dump. Anyways have a good day Dreamon Studios :D


Haha, yeah the game took a huge hit in the rating because of a bug that made 25% of players crash. It's fixed now though so the rating should rise again! Thanks man! :D


Thank you! :-)

I love this game. Great work!

Thanks, Nico!

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