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I like your games <3

Please add Russian Язык :)

just wonering what game engine did you use to make this? 

Hey, I used Unity! :)

This game is so fun...only issue i had was beating the campaign 3 times to try different weapons on arcade mode. Stealing equipment is OP but maybe that makes it more fun.

Thanks! Haha, yeah I agree the Career mode gets easy after a certain point, but a lot of people think it's too difficult so I'm not sure what to do about it. xD

interesting. I was wondering about that looking at your update notes. Oh well lol. Btw I thuroughly enjoy your vlogs.

Been playing this allot on Android. What's up with the spear though? Seems like complete trash? I stole it from someone then got wrecked by the next guy with a decent weapon.

Yeah, it's not supposed to be in the Career mode yet, but due to a bug it is. I will update the game soon and fix.

no update for pc? 

Coming today!


Can you tell me all the special names please

There's a pinned message in the Discord server!

One of the best games I've played on mobile. I've reach the Champion level just yesterday, and I must say I've hooked on this game for more than two weeks. Man, keep your work! Someday this game will be even more exciting and fun to play. And if I must say something that I think will be cool... well... I think some boss fights or something like that. But by the way, really nice game you got there.

Thank you so much, Pudim! And yeah, definitely bosses would improve the game. I'm working on more weapon types right now, but in the future I'll add bosses too! :)

Can you tell me all the special names please

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There's a pinned comment on our Discord! :)

where is your discord?

I can't find it, please help.


Pleaseeee help with the secret names!!....i found only two...kratos and caesar....please helppp

There are more in a pinned commeent on our Discord! :)


Hands down best game, Fuck the people who write mean comments in your google play store edition cause they dump. Anyways have a good day Dreamon Studios :D

Haha, yeah the game took a huge hit in the rating because of a bug that made 25% of players crash. It's fixed now though so the rating should rise again! Thanks man! :D


Thank you! :-)

I love this game. Great work!

Thanks, Nico!

what are the controlsS

game is crazy coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL!


Does anyone know if this is still being worked on? I honestly had a great time on it but it hasn't been updated in so long.

Hey! Yeah, I'm still working on it. Check out the Discord server at the top of the page for more info, but the short story is I'm gonna finish the Career mode update for mobile first and then update the PC and Mac versions! :)

Thanks developer for the mobile version of GLADIHOPPERS, however I think it could be put a multiplayer mode in both versions so we spent playing with friends on different phones and also with compartmentability with platforms android and App. In addition could be placed mode tutorial, which appears as soon as we open the game in the mode tabs in case we forget the battle commands. Besides, I can not wait to get the pending updates, both from the computer and from the cell phone, and that these observations are in both versions.

fun engine! waiting for career mode! will you be able to earn money and buy new equiptment?

maybe make hammers that take really long to swing but do collateral damage? and when characters die, their weapon flies out of their hands. maybe make it so that the weapon can get stuck in the other player and do damage for fun? idk lol

Sorry for bothering, but are you still working on the game? 

I'm starting to lose hope :(

Hey man! Not bothering at all, I'm happy you care! Sorry for disappearing like this, but due to financial reasons I need to prioritize finishing the mobile version of Gladihoppers first. I should start getting active on Twitter again shortly too. :)

i  like the ud

When this game will relased for Android? 


please add more equipment character maps to the game and come up with special effects such as multiplayer mode and store features (for example, double damage for 5 seconds)


I had an abnormal amount of fun with this game! Seriously! This game is more fun then some steam games i've bought and this is only a game that hasnt even come close to being finished! I would gladly pay for this game! The only way this could be better would be online multiplayer (that and of course more items you can gain and maybe an option to use smaller items as dual wields or stuff like that). But i cant wait till this game gets updated and eventually get released~!

This  game was awesome! I look forward to seeing more.

its great, i just expect this update :D

first of all, congrats on this and the next update. everyone that play the 0.1 version or the newcomer out there feels happy and this game give us our fun. i have tons of hours playing this game before the update. everything is good and better, hope to see more updates.

i hope some of my comments give you idea of the next update.

-enemies still receive my first attack (just move forward and attack with up arrow key, every bot will receive that first attack) it even worse after we could just throw javelin (they receive a minimum of 2 javelin before realised it). so, maybe it better to put bot on defence mode for 1 second after the round started

-sometimes i cant throw javelin cause of blocking move

-sometimes its hard to throw javelin but its still fine

hope you enjoy this video :D

PS: i create a video with storyline of gladihopper with alara with main character as a slave on a journey to a gladihopper

Thank you very much Dreamon Studios, now finally after a long time I am getting into the game. But I still wanted to ask a few things:

Would you like to add a translation into Portuguese (Brazil)?

What is the key for the controls of the game in which you activate "javelins"? (because I want to change)

Hello again Dreamon Studios, I hope I'm not bothering. Well, unhappily I could not do what you said, so I think the way is to downgrade the game design to the old version of Unity. However I have some questions about this:

How will I use it? (explain in detail)

Are you at risk of any problems or viruses? (especially in the case of the virus?)

And how will it be for the next updates?


If you send me an email at just saying "hello" so I get your email, then I will send you a .zip with the game built in the old version of Unity that works with your computer. No worries, you don't have to do anything. It will be exactly like when you downloaded the game from this website. For the next updates, just remind me and I will build a version for you.


Hello Dreamon Studios, I did what you said more also did not work. This problem did not happen version (Gladihoppers_Win_v_0_1_0) only after this new update that this is happening, it's a pity, because I really liked the game. Now what should I do?


Yeah, I know. I updated Unity (the engine I use to make this game) and it appears that it's causing problems for older Windows versions. Unless you can upgrade to Windows 10 instead, try to do what this blog post says:

Assuming you have an Nvidia graphics card and the latest drivers, see if you have those options from the picture in the blog post available in the Nvidia control panel (probably right click on desktop -> Nvidia control panel). Then go to Display -> Adjust desktop size and position and try to set it to "aspect ratio" or "no scaling". See if either of those two fix the issue.

Other than that, I can't really find any other possible solutions to this problem. If you still can't launch the game after trying this, then let me know and I will see if it's possible to downgrade the game project to the old Unity version and re-build a version of it for you.

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Dreamon Studios, I get the popup from the pre-launch window, but it's no use activating windowed mode. I use windows 7, but in the previous version this error did not happen. And now what do I do? I really liked the game, but I can not play after the new update.

Try to right click on the Gladihoppers_Win_v_0_2_0.exe file and go to Properties -> Compatibility and select the option "Disable fullscreen optimizations". See if that works.

yordan put lower resolution

I really enjoyed the game, but after the new update ( the game is not opening. Can someone help me? This is the error that appears when I open:

###span class=""<the change="" to="" the="" resolution="" of="" 1360x768="" failed,="" trying="" a="" lower="" value<="" span="">
>span class=""###All resolution switches failed</the>
Screen: DX11 could not change the resolution (1360x768 fs = 0 hz = 0)

Do you get the little pre-launch window popup? If so, what happens if you turn on windowed mode? Also, are you using Windows 8, 7 or Vista or another old Windows version? This error seems to happen to older versions of Windows.

you can put too peasants and a bar if the bar its full they will give (in carrer mode) objects? 

Good idea, I think I will do something similar to that in the Arcade mode that I'm working on now. You will receive some health power-ups every once in a while! Thrown in to the arena from someone on the side.

you can put javelins are mortal if the javelin hit you in the head?

Haha, yeah it makes sense, but it's way too easy to hit the head. I think I will keep it like this, it looks funny too when they run around with javelins sticking out of their heads. ;p

I like the new update with the throwing weapons, can you make them select able? like different throwing weapons with different range/damage example throwing knifes or shuriken's :D ( btw I dont know shurikens would fit into this game) but its your choice to make the game funny or realistic. Its definitely getting better. Are you planing to put the game on steam? 

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Thanks! I don't think I will put it on Steam, no. But I think you can add it as a "non-steam" game, right? Anyway, yeah, I will probably add other throwable weapons in the future, like knives and axes would be cool. Even stones! Shurikens are maybe a little bit too ninja-ish, but who knows? :p

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I Love this update, its hilarious.

Me and my friends just keep throwing javelins .

but i think the block and the attack (forward) switch places, the blocks are right arrow key and the attack is left arrow key IN singleplayer (WASD)

It would be even cooler if they have combos like when you press down and up at the same time the guy will swing his sword from the bottom to top. Please make this happen.

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Thanks! Glad you like the javelins. ;D

I haven't really thought of combos or special attacks but it's an interesting idea. Anyway hmm, I thought it would be confusing if the block would change button when you change side in single player so it's always right arrow key. But in multiplayer with keyboard you block when you move backwards. I thought that made the most sense, so I made it like that.

maybe make it so u can make texture-packs for this game it would be soo cool also i sated up 3 ours just playing this game no joke 

Haha, thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoy the game! Texture packs for the characters and weapons you mean? Or the backgrounds? I'm not sure how I would be able to do that, but I guess I can look into it if it's something a lot of people want in the future. :-)


both would be cool also I love the game it kept me up all night playing it

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Is the finished game going to be free, because i like really like this game and was just wondering.

I haven't really thought about that yet. It will probably be free, yeah. At least for many more updates to come!

Love the mechanic, its like Swords and Sandals with Real Time Strategy.

It would be cool for a dungeon crawler game, maybe fighting skeletons

and finding treasure chests..


Good idea! It would be cool as a crawler, true. Right now the game is basically just a combat demo, but my idea is for the Career mode to be the meat of the game where you can actually progress and have some meaningful gameplay. But if I get the chance I would definitely want to do something outside of an arena, crawler-like or endless side-scrolling action as you mention, with the combat mechanics that are in place now. :) 


I have another good idea, what about taunts? Example you press X and your character will shout something like, Come Over Here, and the audience (maybe peasants) will cheer you up or something :D 

I don't know how hard it is to program a game, or how long does it take, but it doesn't look simple. 

Anyway i believe in you :D take your time, if the full version comes out, I definitely pay for it 👍

Haha yeah, taunts is something I've been thinking about! I would have to see what it could be used for, or if it would be solely for entertainment purposes. Thanks man, comments like these motivate me a lot. :-)

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