Gladihoppers Full Release (Finally)!

Hi everyone!

It's been over a year since I first launched the PC/Mac demo for Gladihoppers and since then the full game has been released and updated a few times on mobile. Gladihoppers was always meant to be a mobile game and that is still its primary focus, so please excuse me for the clunky menu controls and interface.

Anyway, the game is now out here on itch, so enjoy!

Files 48 MB
Oct 02, 2019 67 MB
Oct 02, 2019

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Congrats man! I noticed the mobile version came out semi-recently and it's good to see a game actually get that update that is so often promised. I was quite interested in the early release of the game, so keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!


Thank you for waiting! xD