Javelins! (Gladihoppers Devlog #001)

In this update I've added throwing javelins as a ranged attack in order to mix the combat system up a bit. Watch the video below for the full devlog.


Gladihoppers_Win_v_0_2_0.zip 23 MB
Jul 14, 2018
Gladihoppers_Mac_v_0_2_0.zip 28 MB
Jul 14, 2018

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Keep the work, Damn! This game is a nice like Avocado! Ex dee.

I really enjoyed the game, but after the new update (Gladihoppers_Win_v_0_2_0.zip) the game is not opening. Can someone help me? This is the error that appears when I open:

###span class=""<the change="" to="" the="" resolution="" of="" 1360x768="" failed,="" trying="" a="" lower="" value<="" span="">
>span class=""###All resolution switches failed</the>
Screen: DX11 could not change the resolution (1360x768 fs = 0 hz = 0)

(1 edit)

wen u open the game before u get to play the screen for the graficks and stuff like that has a resolution change it form what you have to something else 

i just had an idea how about wen someone dies if the weapon lands on the dead body it in pails them 

yay 2.0 is out luv the game keep up the good work